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[Tomorrow!] Miso Ramen at $8.80! It's Kanae day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is 18th! It's Kanae Day! We serve Hokkaido Tonkotsu Miso Ramen at 8.80 tomorrow!

Enjoy our signature flavorful tonkotsu soup with Miso from Hokkaido! (^o^)/

Outlet: Novena: 275 Thomson Rd, #01-08, Novena Regency, 307645

Orchard Central: Hokkaido Marche, 181 Orchard Road, B2-21-2 Central, Orchard, 238896

明日は18日!かなゑの日! 明日は終日、味噌ラーメンを$8.80にてご提供いたします! あっつあつの濃厚味噌ラーメンをどうぞお楽しみくださいませー! 皆様のご来店をお待ちしております!

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